Think of the moment you’re digging into a mushy pancake, and you’re just overrun with the feeling of never wanting to eat anything but pancakes ever again. We have not yet found an all-pancake cuisine restaurant, but we’re pretty close with this one.

MAMA’s is your one-stop-shop for all the pancake and waffle desires. Aside from the signature ways to serve the fluffy desserts, they’ve also uncovered that you can turn your pancakes to cereal? Who would’ve thunk? That’s the kind of innovation we’d like to spearhead. They sell these mini vanilla pancakes that you can just drizzle on top of it with some milk and honey, and you’ve got yourself a grade A breakfast. Or an afternoon snack. Or a midnight existential snack. No judgement. Times are tough.

So you can park aside your failed attempts at whisking the batter just right so it isn’t too clunky, and just go ahead and order from Mama’s. On top of their dessert lineup, they also make pre-prepared 7awawshi that you can just heat, and voila! You’ve got homemade meat or chicken 7awawshi.

You can check out Mama’s menu and order from the website right here.