There’s literally nothing worse than making the huge effort to go to the gym, mentally prepare, get dressed, and actually get there then have no energy to actually workout. We’ve all been there. We’ve tried taking shots of espresso, eating high energy foods but nope, it just doesn’t do the job. This is why NRG10 is here with ready made pre-workout!

This small, 60 ML shot of energy is 100% healthy having only five ingredients. Be you’ve never seen that before in an energy drink. The ingredients are as follows: L-carnitine, L-arginine, taurine, caffeine (duh) and vitamin B! Added benefit, this could also aid with weight loss.

You’d think it would taste horrid because the pre-workouts usually taste like that but no! It tastes like a deliciously sweet grape. Stay tuned to see where to get this bundle of energy!