Since forever, people used to shy away from eating healthy because they would automatically – and almost instinctually – associate eating right with a plate of plain grilled protein next to seasonless, lifeless veggies. Thanks to the recent health food revolution – and people who actually have a good taste in food - over the past few years, everyone can rest assured that you can eat right with food and still keep things seasoned, tasty and interesting in the kitchen. Believing just that is sauce brand Naturesta, which has made its way to Cairo - that makes all-natural hot sauces, ketchup and harissa which are all 0-cal, 0% fat and free from additives and GMOs. 

Naturesta’s selection of sauces includes ketchup, original, green and ‘Xtra Hot’ hot sauces, in addition to the kween Siracha, sweet chlli, chili and lime (for those shatta w lamoon goals), and buffalo for the ultimate game (or just chilling solo) nights. Naturesta also offer harissa in original and green, all made with organic peppers and all being five ingredients or less. We’ll be trying all of these on koshary, try and stop us. 

To embrace your inner spice girl/boy/gender non-binary, you can find Naturesta’s sauces at select supermarkets and on