With you busy hustling and working ungodly hours because you’re #CareerGoals, you never ever have time to cook for yourself...or anyone for that matter. And don’t even get us started on that fast-food life that just doesn’t suit that brand of yours. This is where ParCooked comes thru to save you from that wretched life of yours whilst also making sure that you stay absolutely the same.

The new food delivery service is armed with a very small menu that has everything you could ever need tbh. We’re talking seven dishes, but they’re seven dishes that are in it for the kill. From a food porn-like loaded lasagna that you can have while you Netflix & chill by yourself in bed after a long working day, to a gratin potato bake you can bring to work for lunch the next day, a chimichurri beef fillet you can have for date night with your other half at home (and pretend you’ve made it); they’ll sort you out and that’s the tea.

All you have to do is get on their website and make your order. It takes them one day and one day only to have everything delivered to you. But here’s the thing, all their dishes are ready-to-cook which makes them easy to freeze and then whip out whenever you want to. ParCooked currently only delivers to central and west Cairo, but they plan to expand everywhere else quite soon.