When we come to speak of Egypt, our minds automatically go to the Great Pyramids of Giza, the stunning Red Sea coral reefs and perhaps even the ethereal salt lakes of Siwa. In our opinion – though – Old Cairo’s iconic Al-Moez street is nowhere near celebrated as much it could be. Often bustling with music, entertainment and delicious food, the vibes in the street are unmatched and unlike anything else you would find in Egypt. Following through with that classic Al-Moez street aesthetic is Saheb El Saada, a restaurant that not only delivers on authentic Egyptian food, but also hosts live music and entertainment (for example, tanoura) and more. 

As you would expect, the restaurant serves traditional mezzah like sambousak, baba ghanoug, tahini, tomeya, in addition to lessan asfour soup, and beef, oriental sausage and basterma hawawshy. The spot serves breakfast, where you can go for a continental breakfast, featuring toast, cheese and jam or an oriental breakfast with foul, white cheese and tomatoes, French fries and more. If you’re there for the real deal, ‘Saheb El Saada’ offers every mahshy under the sun, kofta, grilled chicken, stuffed pigeon, mozzah beef and duck. It also serves several mini-feasts of sorts with a range of their main dishes, side dishes and salads, which you can customise to your preference. Pro tip: be sure to try out their roz be laban or the Om Ali for dessert.

You can find Saheb El Saada on 121 El Moez Street or call at +2 012 0647 7772 for more details.