Egypt’s newest brand of nutrition bars, Brüz, has some of the most inventive flavours we’ve seen to date. The snacks incorporate Egyptian flavours with some of the more traditional ingredients in nutrition products. Ranging from a Tahini Coffee Chocolate flavour to Harankash Cranberry Cashews, this product totally gets what it means to be Egyptian while leading an active lifestyle.⁣

The new product line was launched in October and has themed their different bars around a range of characteristics like resilience, willpower, motivation, and determination. ⁣

Unlike other nutrition bars, Brüz is not solely designed for athletes and gym-goers; it is made for any and every one who knows how to keep themselves busy. That includes a hectic work life, travelling and any adventures you may endeavour in addition to sports. So when you’re rushing to catch one of Cairo’s underground metros, it only seems appropriate that you should be able to catch a bite of something that’s uniquely Egyptian as well.

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