Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Take Your Fried Quail Obsession to the Next Level at This 6th of October Restaurant

*makes plans to move to 6th of October*

Staff Writer

Everyone and their mother (or father, or basically any guardian) loves fried chicken. I mean, how can you not tbh? Especially when they're big, fat and crispy. But, do you know what's more fun to eat than fried chicken? It's fried quail. Why, you ask? Because they taste more or less like chicken (when fried), and because they're a lot smaller, it's basically a party when a big bowl of them comes out to play. That's where Birds comes in.

The new 6th of October restaurant is set to open in two weeks at La City Mall with nothing to offer than fried chicken and quail, and we can't complain one bit. Because eating fried chicken and quail is probably the most fun of all activities. There's literally no way to eat them without diving in. No forks, knives or other utensils needed because your hands are your only tools. 

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