Turkish cuisine is, we find, hugely underrepresented on Egyptian streets, often lost amidst the flurry of Arab/Levantine cuisines we’re offered on every corner. The years of nomadic culinary discovery braved by the Turks, while often lost on us, are now finally getting their long-deserved time in the spotlight with New Cairo’s Hungry Turk.

Eating away at our not-so-blissful ignorance (life is better with a kebab - JS), the Hungry Turk invites you to their dine-in at Leven Square Mall for breakfast, lunch, dinner & even in-between study dates; firmly believing that a fresh morning supplied with a fortifying Ispanakli Peynirli pide & a soul-jolting Turkish coffee is all you need for a day of honest work.

Besides, should you need a jumpstart, the restaurant offers a slightly horrifyingly extensive menu to tie you right back to your 3rd-uncle Othmani roots. Serving an extensive array of the kebabs, authentic Turkish sojuk, and explosively flavourful kusbasi sandwiches, The Hungry Turk is the place to be when that insatiable mid-finals hunger strikes. Plus, you can substitute your study break celebratory caffeine jolt with the much tastier sigara boregi, no dizzy recovery time required.