Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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The Vegan Lab is A Foodie Utopia by the Red Sea

The Vegan Lab has won us over with their aesthetic creations and to-die-for options.

Staff Writer

That’s it, we’re taking the plunge. Not out of a sense of responsibility, but because it looks too delicious to avoid for any longer. Dahab’s The Vegan Lab is the plant based eatery which, and we’re being very honest, looks so freaking good. health nut or not, we took one look at their smoothie bowls, cupcakes, fried chick’n burgers, sushi, and we were sold. 

We don’t mean to freak out but they have BLUE lattes. Just putting that out there. Picture drinking that by the glittering Red Sea. Or better yet, picture it on your Instagram. You see what we’re getting at? In fact, all their creations are super aesthetic, as health food often is. Not in the ‘omg food porn’ way, but more in the ‘this is actually beautiful’ kind of way. All in all, it’s very fitting with the hippie-stoner-boho thing going on in Dahab. 

To make matters yummier, they’re throwing a Christmas dinner. Yorkshire pudding, pumpkin soup, sweet potato and cashew ricotta ravioli, panna cotta, and virgin mulled wine are on the menu. Points have been made, sis. And after the startling year that 2020 was, we really do need some food that is karma-free. Let’s not take the risk, shall we?


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