How many times have you decided to bake, but gave up because a) you're lazy, b) you can't be bothered with the hassle, c) you can't guarantee that the dough will be perfect tbh.
Luckily, Shereen Aboulkhair, AKA the mastermind behind this ingenious brand, made it super easy for everyone to bake with their ready-made frozen dough that will literally only need some small final touches from you before you can stick it in the oven. Fancy making a pizza? What about a cookie? Or a muffin? Gone are the days where you have to worry about such things because Sous Chef will make all of your baking dreams come true.
Aboulkhair was inspired by her own mother’s baking, as she loved how the smell instantly made her feel like home, and she wanted others to have that same exact experience. Souschef, which means chef assistant, is aptly-named, because Sous Chef is a brand that makes 90% of the baking and the rest falls on you.