Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Twinkies and HoHos Serve New Lewks and Flavours for 2020

New year, new them.

Staff Writer

Every year, most of us -- if not all -- try to become better versions of ourselves. Twinkies and HoHos are exactly the same, which is why they've decided to serve us their new lewks now that we're in 2020.

Twinkies unveiled its new product which is called Zig Zag which sees the iconic sponge cake get a creamy filling, but topped with raspberry jelly and coconut instead. HoHos, on the other hand, gets a new coffee flavour for all dem caffeine fiends. Both products will be sold for EGP 2, which is another reason to celebrate tbh, especially when being broque is pretty much a lifestyle to many of us.



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