Spellcheck is everybody's best friend. That's literally just basic knowledge. But, unfortunately, some people don't know that -- especially restaurant owners. In this listicle, we list down our favourite menu fails from eateries that simply forgot to run a spellcheck or relied on Google's wonky translations. These food items are not very appetising because they contain things like "bathroom soup" and "kilo problem," but they're deliciously hilarious. 

Smashed potatoes are the only potatoes we should care about tbh. #SmashedPotatoes2020 

Who needs a kilo of kofta when you can get a kilo of problems? Wait, what? We want a refund!

We're unsure whether Google Translate failed them or they're trying to make bathroom cuisine a thing. 

Wait, is bathroom cuisine an actual thing???

This joint caters to people who love a good foodgasm, and who are we stop them? 

Because nothing keeps you warm in winter like a hot cup of undershirt. Are we right or ARE WE RIGHT?

The restaurant owner probably just wanted to open a pharmacy instead but settled for this. We're here for it. 

"Yes, we'll have the brown balls, please." 

"Actually, we'll just have the spaghetti bolognese. Sorry, we meant aspajty."  

"How many homos do we get per order, law sama7t?"

We honestly can't begin to figure out what they even wanted to say with this one. Did you mean crepes? Why is it on the drinks menu? So many questions...