We know we can have things like sahlab any time of the year, but nothing compares to drinking it during winter, especially when it's raining. Why, you ask? Because rain is a rare commodity, and whenever we get these amazing (and very short) moments of the sky blessing us by crying tears of joy, we embrace every bit of it by obviously eating. Here are some of the foods we totes recommend y'all have when everything we've just mentioned happens, and where to get them from. 
Lentil Soup
Okay so, we know nothing will probably ever beat your grandmother's recipe for lentil soup, but Om Hassan's (yes, we actually just said Om Hassan) will not disappoint -- especially when paired with the rain in the background of your life.
Hot Chocolate 
This might seem a bit too generic, but nothing beats hot chocolate and rain. We mean, like, we're sure it has been scientifically proven that having hot chocolate during the rainy season will improve anyone's life by 125%, at the very least. Oh, and you can literally get it from any shop near you.
Sweet Potato
You need not cuddle with anyone to feel love or warmth tbh, because batatas will do that for you and more. You can get them from any batata cart on the busy streets of Cairo. 
Om Ali 
God bless Ali and his mother for looking after us in this chilly season. We always get our Om Ali from El Malky, and so should you. 
Hommos El Sham 
Slurping hommos el sham equates to literally injecting your body with so much warmth that a Coldplay song will probably play in your heart. You can get it from any hommos el sham cart on any Corniche in Cairo. 
Lesan Asfour Soup 
Much like hommos el sham, you'll be slurping lesan asfour until you're feeling wholesome AF. Achieving that status, however, will happen instantly (or when your actual lesan touches the actual soup, to be specific). We also recommend getting it from Om Hassan. #SorryNotSorry. 
Just like we mentioned above, there can't be no rain without sahlab. You can find the delicious drink on any ahwas near you.
Literally everything we just said about sahlab applies to belila. 
Muammar Rice

We honestly don't think you should get muammar rice from anywhere other than your actual home. Scratch that. It doesn't need to be your actual home, but your mother, grandmother, father, someone from your family just need to do it. That is all.