Saturday June 15th, 2024
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This Is How Egyptians Reacted to Ritter Sport's Hummus With Chocolate Post

We're lowkey happy this isn't an actual thing.

Staff Writer

Known as one of the most reputable German chocolate brands around the globe, Ritter Sport has been a relish to chocoholics worldwide with its remarkable flavours. There's one thing y'all need to know tho: Ritter Sport stans are extra because they've started flooding the interwebz with the hashtag #RitterSportFake that basically sees imaginary Ritter Sport products that don't exist, yet fans kinda want them to.

In a bit to respond to their fans' requests, Ritter Sport Official released a fake new flavour (that no one asked for) in the name of promoting the trend and getting the public to engage. And we’ve got to tell you, pals, that hummus-chocolate mingle didn’t get the best out of Arabs -- especially Egyptians. The post opened a can of jokes viewing that atypical potential release as a break to all traditions of tahini as a foul and falafel companion. It was even a shocker to some for Ritter Sport’s prank when April had already pegged out.

We've compiled our favourite reactions from Om El Donia about this cray cray product


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