You know how the word feteer immediately makes you think of a nice lady sitting by her old stone stove, taking thin layers of dough and turning them into the sweetest, tastiest breakfast with some honey on the side? No? Just us then? Well, whatever the case, this most authentic of Egyptian culinary experiences is a world away from most of us, but these spots have taken this warm, delicious, feeling and placed it right on their tables.

Desoky & Soda


Desoky & Soda understands the importance of a well made breakfast, which subsequently means that they also know how to make amazing feteer meshaletet.

Location: Maadi, Nasr City, Dokki, Sheikh Zayed

3al 7aseera

You might need to take a few (or a lot) of people with you to 3al 7asaeer, because their feteer is as big as it is delicious (and it's super delicious).

Location: Giza

Darb Shakamba

Darb Shakamba is as local and authentic as its name implies, so it obviously serves amazing feteer meshaltet.

Location: Dokki, Sheraton

El Domiaty

Not all food is Instagrammable, but there's something about the feteer at El Domiaty that makes us want to whip our phones out immediately. 

Location: Manial 

 Feteer Meshaltet

This incredible place offers adorable homemade feteer meshaltet.

Location: Old Cairo

Tayer Ya Fatayer 

Fast and customisable for the fast-food generation, Tayer Ya Fatayer is ready to satisfy your off-the-cuff cravings.

Location: Cairo Festival City, New Cairo 

El Dawar 

The suburbs of Maadi aren't short of quirky eateries and unique restaurants, but El Dawar is among the best.

Location: Rd 9, Maadi