Chunks of succulent, crispy beef over a bed of white rice and toasted bread, topped with tomato and garlic sauces. Are we describing heaven or is it just fattah? With Eid El-Adha upon us, it was about time we celebrate this special time of the year by indulging on this wholesome dish. 

We rounded up some of our favourite spots where we like to have our fattah, so you can celebrate Eid the right way this year. 


They wouldn't have called themselves Fattah if they didn't have a serious fattah game. Just saying.

Location: Maadi - Hub 50 Mall

Al Khal

You know that feeling when you just wanna stay away from people during Eid? It gets a bit too much sometimes, yeah? We honestly use this down time to stuff our faces with fattah away from people -- at Al Khal to be specific. 

Location: Heliopolis, Omar Ibn El Khattab Street  

Seekh Mashwy

The best thing about Eid coming during Sahel season is that everyone is in Sahel and we're here with all this fattah tbh. 

Location: Dokki -  Nile Street 

Om Hassan

We love Om Hassan because there have many branches across the capital, so if we ever need an emergency fattah, it would be within reach in a matter of 30-45 minutes.

Location: Branches Across All of Cairo

Casino El Hamam


Why don't you enjoy this Eid's fattah by the banks of the River Nile. We would personally ask for a table for one and we might even order a spicy fattah. You should too. 

Location: Giza - El Bahr El Aazam Street

El Azaz

A hearty plate of fattah in the heart of Cairo. Can it get any better than this?

Location: Downtown - Mohamed Roshedy Street

Sobhy Kaber

Their fattah is as great as everything else they make, and everything else they make is as amazing as their fattah. We think you know where we're going with this.

Location: Rod El Farag - Ebid Street

Abou El Sid

The majestic fattah from the majestic Abo El Sid. Majesticseption.

Location: Zamalek - 26th of July Street