Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Dahab Is Downtown Cairo's Undisputed Kween of Sandwiches

We'd like to take a moment and appreciate Dahab and Om Dahab for making sandwiches great again.

Scene Eats

You haven’t had a kebda sandwich unless you’ve had one from Om Dahab. In fact, you haven’t had sandwiches unless you’ve devoured a dozen of them for breakfast, lunch or dinner from Om Dahab. 

The iconic Downtown Cairo sandwich cart has been reigning supreme over Qasr El Nil (Champollion Street, to be specific) for the past few years now, making sure everyone gets their fill of homemade Egyptian food (molokhia, chicken panne and everything in between), especially sandwiches (she makes all kinds of them...like, literally), around the block. Dahab, the kween of the palace that is Om Dahab, named the restaurant after her mum because when the restaurant was still starting, she was the only one that helped get it up and running -- eventually turning it into the spot we all know today.

Watch the video above as we get up close and personal with Dahab and get her to spill the tea on how Om Dahab came to be.


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