Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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These 9 Desserts Are Perf for a Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift

Celebrate Mother's Day with your mums, dads or basically anyone who is a paternal figure to you with these yum-inducing desserts.

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, our minds are frantically searching for ideas to gift those miraculous queens for putting up with us for years on end.  And whilst we might be confused as to what to get them, hesitant as to what will best suit their preferences, there’s no need to stress. We’re here to ease your mind by offering you just one simple piece of advice. You can never ever go wrong with food. Ever. Especially dessert. It’s a universal rule. So here we are, doing you a huge favor by compiling a list of desserts you can get your mum (or dad or any paternal figure in your life) last minute while looking like you’ve planned for it all along. 

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Honeycomb Cake from Dara’s Ice Cream // Zamalek, Maadi, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed

A heart shaped ice cream cake made with love, and the expert hands of Dara’s staff ice cream staff sounds like a yes from us.

Phone: +2 0103 370 8942

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Mini Cakes from Nola Cupcakes // Branches All Over Cairo

Cute cakes but make them mini is what Nola opted for this year and we honestly love them. Less is, indeed, more.

Phone: 16174

Dragées box from House of Cocoa // Branches all over Cairo

From cocoa-dusted almonds to dark chocolate coffee beans, we doubt you’ll find a more diversified set to please the momma figure you have in your life. 

Phone: +20122 221 2480

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Brownie & Oreo Sticks from Dukes // Branches All Over Cairo

They make brownie and Oreo sticks, people. Nuff said! 

Phone: 16340

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Mother’s Day Cake from Les Dames // Branches All Over Cairo 

A vast range of heart-shaped that come in all colours and flavours. Les Dames truly said diversity. 

Phone: 02 38368070

 Address: Branches all over Cairo

Belgian Chocolate Bars from Fleur Chocolates // Delivery Only

Exquisite chocolate bars that not only have the word “MUM” sprawled all over it giving her the attention she deserves, but also a contrast of crunchy almonds and chewy raisins carefully embedded within the milky chocolate that is guaranteed to elate her taste buds.

Phone: NA

Address: NA 

Adorbz Momma Cookies from Vero // Delivery Only 

A set of delectable cookies decorated with moving visuals and appreciative words that might just trigger an emotional tear or two. Nothing speaks love and warmth like cookies...we think at least.

Phone: NA

Address: NA 

Smash Box from Euphoric Treats // Delivery Only 

We don’t know about you but something tells us that destroying a cake in true pinata fashion will make her feel a whole lot better.

Phone: NA

Address: NA 

Edible Bouquet from D’s Candy Bar // Delivery Only

Because flower bouquets are so 2000 and late tbh.

Phone: NA

Address: NA 


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