Egyptian citruses are en route to make an entry into Japan, after the decision was made to open up the Japanese market on Monday. Does this mean we’re going to be seeing Egyptian oranges and mandarins used in mochi? We aren’t sure, but we’re deffo shipping it. 

Ahmed Al Attar, the head of the Egyptian Agricultural Association, said that securing this trade deal was one of the biggest challenges the association faced in recent years because of the extensive regulations on Japan's side, but they managed to pull through anyway. 

Not only that, but Egypt was able to export 4.5 million tonnes of produce so far this year despite the pandemic, and has become the number one orange exporter in the world in doing so. We aren’t surprised, they are pretty good come to think of it. Now, every time we see a fruity bubble tea pic in Tokyo, there might just be a chance it came from Cairo.