Having Egyptian food from someone that’s not a member of the family can sometimes feel treacherous. Bamia that’s not Mama’s? Batates that’s not Baba's? Om Ali that’s not Tante Jihan's? We’re here to tell you that it’s okay to give the green light to such experiences when they’re not just going to be, more or less, the same as your family’s. This is where Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Kayyam Casino come in with Egyptian Nights to serve exactly that: Layaly Masreya...the best kind.

It’s no surprise that the eatery is going to instantly make you feel like a royal upon entering. Their menu, on the other hand, serves every Egyptian classic under the sun, and then some more. When we say that, we mean Egyptian Nights makes maqlubah, mashawy of all kinds along with shawarma where you can see them getting made from their open kitchen. Oh, and you get to also watch them make their baladi bread from scratch! But here’s where they completely make sure they’ve got the vibe game sorted because they only play nostalgic music at their establishment. Think Um Kalthoum and Sayed Darwish whilst you go for round two of feteer. 

Egyptian Nights operates from 6 pm to 12 pm every single day. You can choose between being an outdoors kinda gal or an indoors kinda boi. Oh, and they also plan football matches if you’re about that life. All you have to do now is call 02 2728 3000 for reservations and you’re all good.