It’s an age-old saying that our ancestors used to get all their food from their own backyards. And while ours are now filled with an oregano plant at the most if we’re lucky, there’s still a way to source real, clean foods. A variety of farms across the country dedicate themselves to farming fresh, organic food like Sara’s Organic Farm or El Mazra3a. Now, that list has been lengthened by From the Farm, the newest local contender. 

The service delivers organic, fresh, and clean produce and food items to your doorstep from a variety of players in the food industry. Cuts n’ Blends, Malu’s Deli (yes, all the way from El Gouna), Beyond Meat, and My Jar being just a few of them.

On the produce side of things, they have a seasonal selection of fresh fruits and veggies that are straight from the source. Not only that, but they deliver in El Gouna too. Call them on +2 0106 1008 999 or visit to make your order and get to cooking.