Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Garnell's Sushi Just Rolled Its Way to Almaza With a New Branch

They see us rollin', they hatin'.

Staff Writer

Garnell's sushi just rolled all the way to Almaza and our tummies are following it. The Japanese-inspired fusion restaurant originating in Ard El Golf has now made home to its second Masr El Gedida branch right in front of Tivoli Dome. If you've been looking for that new fighter to join the Heliopolis sushi wars, this is the one that will spice up the game.

Like their extensive and extremely delectable menus in Maadi and New Cairo, Garnell's Almaza branch also excels in Philadelphia and Dynamite rolls. The last time anyone rolled something this good, it was illegal. Their creamy shrimp soup is to die for, so we love that this branch is here for us just in time for winter.

So if you live nearby, good luck to you and your wallet because they also even deliver. Netflix and sushi in Almaza is now a thing, and you heard it here first.

The news is only a couple of days fresh, so follow Garnell and go get it while it's hot.


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