Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Smoked Meat Connoisseurs Need to Try This New Invention from Eltorr

This dry rubbed chicken isn't crossing roads, it's crossing galaxies.

Staff Writer

If you know anything about us, you'd know that we're totes obsessed with smoked meats. But in Egypt, however, smoked meat connoisseurs are low-key hard to come by. Why, you ask? Because not only do establishments not focus on them, but we lack decent dry smokers in the country. This is why Eltorr's latest creation has us struck by joy.

The aptly-named Smoked Chicken is basically cooked for the duration of 36 hours, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy eating this juicy deliciousness. "I am a big fan of smoked meats, but we unfortunately don't have good dry smokers available in Egypt. After many attempts at local solutions, I decided to import a state of the art machine and the smoked hickory wood," Tarek Ismail, the owner of Eltorr, tells us. 

Eltorr's decision to go for The Smoked Chicken was a very natural choice, Ismail continues, due to the fact that it's high in protein and has an amazing succulent taste. "With the help of my good friend, chef Andrew Mitchell, we came up with a unique Egyptian dry rub recipe that stays true to our concept which is aims to elevate local food to new heights."

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