Moussaka - a meaty eggplant casserole or a weapon of mass domestic destruction? The answer to the philosophical question posed percolates through the tongues of newly-weds, mother-in-laws and between the Rahet Bally mums on this episode of Amayel Edaya.

As they gather once more beneath our studio’s fluorescent lights, their Moussaka is put through a series of tongue-tying tests. At times, each mum’s respective moussaka falls victim to canned salsa catastrophes and newly-installed oven technical difficulties. Unjustly implicated in their demise, the falsely accused dish - albeit a winter staple - is thrust aside in pursuit of kitchen-wide (and personal) progress. Whilst some walked out unscathed, others were left to tend to the tasteless mess they’ve tragically left behind.

In this collaboration with Rahet Bally, SceneEats’ Ali Khalifa sits with the mums as they slander, scorch, and scoff at each other’s Moussaka.