We’ve teamed up with PepsiCo Egypt to present a tasty new Ramadan show. ‘Wasfa Saree’a’ is a crunchy new take on cult classic dishes, hosted by chef Marwa Mehanna.

Ever wondered what it would be like to ditch the bread crumbs and ‘air’ fry your chicken in flaming hot Cheetos? Have your half-eaten bags of cheesy Chipsy ever longingly glared at you in hopes you’ll pair them with a 7UP mojito or two? Better yet, has the pervasive thought of a Dorito-filled shawarma ever plagued your dreams and burdened your taste buds late at night? If you silently mouthed the word ‘yes’ to any of the questions posed then perhaps this bunchy crunchy new show is what you’ve been looking for.

Breathing life into your late night fantasies Scene Eats and PepsiCo Egypt have partnered with chef Marwa Mehanna to deliver a menu of experimental twists on the brand’s roster of crispy concoctions. Albeit more refined and elegantly packaged than our makeshift 3 AM decisions (calling them dishes is a stretch), Mehanna’s take on PepsiCo Egypt’s snacking options is an invigorating addition to your Ramadan binge-watching schedule.