Pepsico Egypt and Scene Eats present ‘Wasfa Saree’a’ - a crunchy new take on cult classic dishes, hosted by chef, Marwa Mehanna (Episode Two: Fiery Doritos Chicken with Pepsi glaze).

In a month where experimentation is key, breading your chicken is as stale a sentiment as three week-old popcorn. The traditional crumbs have simply lost their allure. No one cares for classic when they know what could be achieved when other crunchy blends are incorporated into culinary staples. If you recall, dear viewers, no one batted an eyelash when konafa went rogue a couple of years back, and no one dared to speak ill of basboosa when she could no longer bear the weight of qeshta on her own. Because deep down, everyone understood that these ‘experiments’ are fast-becoming the new standard.

In this episode of Wasfa Saree’a, Pepsico Egypt and Scene Eats partnered with chef Marwa Mehanna to fry chicken in fiery Doritos crumbs. Whilst salsa has proved to be a long-standing partner and Doritos ally, chicken was too irresistible. Dipped in Pepsi sauce (don’t knock it till you try it) this new take on classic fried chicken might just be what you need to satiate your thirst for something greater.