Nutella pizzas are one of those desserts that you don’t order often, but when you do, you suddenly turn into a 10-year-old kid all over again. Seriously, is there anything more exciting than deciding mid food coma that a Nutella pizza is a good idea? Nope! These are our favourite joints in the capital that make Nutella pizzas, so pick up that phone and order one for old time's sake. 

Vinny’s Pizzeria // Maadi, Zamalek

Imagine having a pizza calzone, that literally pops out Nutella. Thank Vinny’s Pizzeria because this is exactly what they have this creation from heaven.

Address: 73 Road 9, Maadi // 15 Brazil Street, Zamalek

Phone: 19867

IL Divino Pizzeria // Zamalek

Besides the fact that they will pamper you with their Nutella pizza (whether it’s calzone or a regular one), you need to make sure to order some of their Lotus pizza bel mara because how can you not?

Address: Umm Kalthom Tower, Zamalek

Phone: 16685

Olivo // Zamalek, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed

Olivo has stepped up the chocolate pizza game by creating the best one yet: pizza with marshmallows and Belgian feuilletine (Belgian chocolate that is). You’re welcome.

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Phone: +2 0102 644 4475, +2 0106 877 4233, +2 0122 077 7680

Lorenzo’s // Sheikh Zayed

There's whipped cream on that Nutella pizza. That is all you need to know. 

Address: Galleria 40, Sheikh Zayed

Phone: +2 0102 999 4441

CIO x Trattoria Italiana // Heliopolis

We can all agree that pizza is amaze in all its shapes, sizes and forms...obvi. This is why CIO x Trattoria Italiana has created a cannelloni-shaped pizza filled with Nutella. And with their thin crust, you will definitely drown in that chocolate. 

Address: 21 Cleopatra street, Almaza, Heliopolis

Phone: +2 0100 949 2226

Pizza Station // New Cairo

Roasted marshmallows? Crunchy biscuits? Yes, please! 

Address: Cairo Festival City Mall, New Cairo

Phone: +2 0111 111 5603

Andiamo Pizza Garden & Bar // Heliopolis

Besides the obvious topping of Nutella, you can choose yourself a topping of marshmallows or be a little healthier (LOL) and ask for the banana topping. Either way, you're winning. 

Address: 66 Omar Ibn El Khattab street, Heliopolis

Phone: +2 0109 332 3333

What the Crust // Maadi

What the Crust has dazzled all of us away with their OG Neapolitan pizza, but you can basically have that as a dessert. In other words, you're in for an experience. 

Address: 10 Street 275 Mokarrar, Maadi

Phone: +2 0100 576 4631